Alaska Rainforest Zip Line Excursion

One of my favorite things about the Zipline Excursion with Alaska Canopy Adventures was the Unimog ride! Here’s a view from the back as we crawled up a road impassible to mortal trucks.

Unimog Zip Line

Riding in the Unimog through the Alaskan Rainforest to begin the Zipline Excursion!

The Zip lines are really safe, especially with the redundant cables. But… you still need to learn how to stop yourself, luckily the crew is prepared and the first zip line is an opportunity to learn from your mistakes.

Alaska Cruise Zip Line

Alaska Zip Line Adventure

Here’s a close up of the zip line rigging that you’re riding on through the rainforest.

Zip Line Rigging

When riding a zip line, your hand is your brake and keeping your hand up top helps keep you facing forward, unless you like spinning wildly through the air.

Between some of the zip line sections are cable suspension bridges through the rainforest canopy to take you to the next platform. Honestly, I felt like the bridges and platforms were more scary than the ziplines themselves. Zipping is fun!

Zip Line Platforms and Suspension Bridge

Alaska Cruise Excursion: Zip Line Adventure, Platforms and Suspension Bridge

Glacier Helicopter Tour Excursion

Here’s a short video of us landing on the Norris Glacier via Era Flightseeing Helicopter. The other helicopter landing nearby really helps put the glacier’s scale into perspective. This was one of my favorite excursions on our Alaskan cruise. I had never flown in a helicopter before and was impressed with how smooth and exciting the flight was. The weather wasn’t perfect but it certainly made it memorable.

I would highly recommend a helicopter excursion on your Alaska cruise!

The Juneau Icefield – Helicopter Glacier Flightseeing Excursion

It had started raining while we were enjoying the Salmon Bake, but not heavily. We traveled by tour van from the heart of downtown Juneau to the Era Helicopter Headquarters. After being weighed, divided into groups of four and geared up, we were ready for our helicopter/glacier excursion. Again, a very well organized business, very friendly people and we felt very secure with the adventure we were about to take.

Era Flightseeing Helicopters Landing

Era Flightseeing Helicopters Landing

Taku Glacier

Flying over the Taku Glacier

See four of Alaska’s most spectacular glaciers as your pilot flies over the ice spires and pinnacles of the “cascading” Hole-in-the-Wall Glacier, the “advancing” Taku Glacier, the “retreating” Norris Glacier and either the mysterious “floating” Dead Branch Glacier or the “river-like” East Twin Glacier.

Land on a remote glacier to step out and explore the ancient landscape with your pilot as your guide. Peer down into a crevasse and look for a glacial stream. On the return trip, watch for bears, mountain goats and moose.

Each glacier we saw during the excursion is part of the Juneau Icefield. The whole trip lasted a little over an hour. We started with flying over the Hole-in-the-Wall Glacier, flew through the Taku Glacier and came to land on the Norris Glacier. It was a completely different world.

Foggy Treeline Gives Way to Blue Glacier

Foggy Treeline Gives Way to Blue Glacier

Glacier Surface Blue Ice

Glacier Surface Blue Ice

Once we departed the helicopter, we found ourselves walking on rocky, uneven ice. Albeit uneven, the pattern in the ice was consistent. It almost looked like it had been purposefully carved with ripples. Several crevices in the surface gave us view to that brilliant blue color of the ice once again, water running over the blue ice like a miniature waterfall or a sculpture.

Norris Glacier Panorama - Juneau AK

Norris Glacier Panorama - Juneau AK

Tug pulling barge from Juneau Port as seen from helicopter

Tug pulling barge from Juneau Port as seen from helicopter

Era Flightseeing also sponsors Dog Sled Excursions on Norris Glacier, we’d love to try this the next time we make the trip. The glacier walks and dog sled lessons are only accessible via air travel.

We sadly returned to our helicopter and began our way back to Era after viewing the last two glaciers on the itinerary. After returning to Juneau, we completed our day in the city just traveling the streets. We poked our heads in the historic Red Dog Saloon and ultimately decided to check out some of the jewelry shops along the main street. Ryan bought me an incredible sapphire and diamond ring, and then we found a great Jade shop next door where we were able to buy some gifts for family members back home.

All in all, a great day in Juneau.

Aerial view of Juneau, Alaska and Cruise Ships at Port

Aerial view of Juneau, Alaska and Cruise Ships at Port

Era Helicopter Flightseeing Brochure 2010