Toklat River in Denali National Park

Toklat River Denali Confluence

Confluence of Snowmelt and Glacial Runoff in Toklat

The wide gravel bars of the Toklat River are braided with ribbons of crystal clear snowmelt mixing with the murky sediment-laced runoff from a faraway glacier in the Toklat River. This is a wonderful place with so much to feast the eyes on from near to far: huge mountain ranges capped with snow, tumultuous clouds riding the peaks and valleys, melting glaciers miles away washing silt and gravel from eons ago to mingle with the melting of last years winter snows.

With so much area to observe, the sun and clouds above cast huge and amazing patterns out over the tundra and up the mountainsides. We highly recommend capping your Alaska cruise with a trip into Denali and taking the shuttle bus into the real wilderness of Alaska.

Denali Park Bus Crossing the Toklat River

Denali Park Bus Crossing the Toklat River

Just don’t miss the last bus out of the park or you’ll be spending the night with the bears.

In Denali National Park, all glaciers monitored are retreating, with an average retreat of 20 m (66 ft) per year. The terminus of the Toklat Glacier has been retreating 26 m (85 ft) per year and the Muldrow Glacier has thinned 20 m (66 ft) since 1979.

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  1. Graham Williams says: just been reading your comments about Denali ( whilst in bed with my iPad in Melbourne Australia ) . I was in Alaska for the second time in May 2012 . The vast landscape is like a magnet- I am determined rod return. Your photographs of locations around Denali are magnificent. I wish they were mine! Thanks for sharing them. Cheers. Graham Williams

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